The Fate of the Strip

The Strip’s glamor started to fade a little when the rise of night life became more popular in Las Vegas. The bands who ruled the night clubs started to leave the scene as teenagers swarmed to the Strip during the social, sexual revolution of the sixties. The rock and roll of the dark fifties evolved into protest music. It was the time of partying in the street and riot police marching.

The 1970’s witnessed some serious partying by metal bands and their metal head fans who partied like fiends. There was also punk bands, and later hair bands of the 1980’s.

The closing of Tower Records music store in 2006, one of the cornerstones of the Strip pulled the final curtain on decades of insane partying. However, the immortal Strip continue to attract swarms of new faces and personalities like a moth to the flame as the time passes, and the legend keeps growing.

The Strip was the birthplace of many music bands, movie stars, actors, and writers. Sammy Davis, Motorhead, and Kenneth Anger, to name (a very) few.

Writen by sunsetstripthemovie

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